AKTINA Leading For 26 Years In Media and the Arts

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For 26 years, AKTINA Productions, Inc.continues to excell as leading Media and Arts Cultural Organization.  Since 1993 we bring you our highly rated Greek American Radio AKTINA FM and since 2002 the equally highly rated AKTINA TV.  We would like to thank all of our fans and supporters who have made AKTINA FM and AKTINA TV so popular and highly rated and more importantly for supporting our mission with their generous contributions.  AKTINA FM, the "Alternative Voice and The Smart Choice" for lovers of Greek music and culture, reaches over a million listeners worldwide with its daily broadcasts streaming right here and on www.ak.ht, the site we have designed for listeners with low bandwidth.  Our radio show also airs live on New York's public station WNYE 91.5FM, while AKTINA TV airiing on our sister channel WNYE Channel 25 reaches over 850,000 viewers in the Tri-state area of New York and beyond.  Both programs are commercial-free and solely depend on public donations to remain on the air.


We invite you to help us preserve AKTINA FM and AKTINA TV on WNYE by making today a tax deductible contribution and in this way help us meet the tremendous costs we pay annually for the nine hours we lease for radio and one hour for our television program.


As we reflect back, we are exceptionally proud for our accomplishments as a major and leading New York-based Media and Arts cultural organization servicing the Greek and Greek Cypriot American community as well as a wide and diverse audience in the tri-state area of New York and beyond.  During the course of these 26 productive years, we have established live unique folk arts and cultural programs as well as exceptional concerts from AKTINA's acclaimed series, "Greek Music Journey" which contribute immensely to our core mission of preserving and promoting the rich heritage, history, folklore, culture and representative musical inheritance of Greece and Cyprus.  


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